Rear-Ended In A Car Accident? Here’s What You Need To Do

If you guessed the most common types of car accident in Arizona based on your travels throughout Phoenix and Mesa were rear-endings, you would be right. According to 2014 car accident statistics released by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), rear-end car accidents are the most common and caused the most injuries of all accidents. Out of the 41,000 rear-end accidents in 2014, 13,000 people reported injuries. While 2015’s data has not yet been released, our Phoenix car accident attorneys … Read More

How to Prevent 5 Common Child Injuries

No one wants to see their child suffer from an accidental injury. While some circumstances that lead to a childhood or infant injury are unavoidable, some can be prevented. Many of these preventable accidents occur before a child has even entered preschool. Some of the most common injuries for children under five years old include:

What Are Blind Spots?

Every vehicle has a blind spot. This is true for a compact car, work truck, semi-truck, motorcycle, and even a bicycle. These tricky areas are outside of your peripheral vision, making it impossible to detect potential threats in your surrounding areas and difficult to make safe lane changes. Blind spots are one of the biggest driving hazards we have today. Join us as we discuss the many scenarios of blind spot near-accidents. We will also discuss how to help prevent … Read More

Car Maintenance Tips to Prevent Accidents

Year-round car maintenance is the best first step to preventing car accidents in Arizona and other states. The hot summers often damage vehicles and many drivers forget to continue car upkeep in the cooler months.  Our Mesa car accident lawyers want to encourage all drivers to maintain their vehicles year-round. Car upkeep can help prevent serious injuries on Valley and state roads. Follow these four tips to keep your car in the best shape possible to avoid an auto accident … Read More

The Ultimate Motorcycle Safety Guide | Upgrade Your Ride

There’s nothing like the feeling of the wind in your hair and rumble of the engine as you cruise on your motorcycle on a breezy afternoon. However, some riders love the feeling so much that they forgo wearing proper gear. While it can be a hassle to take the time to get dressed for the road, it’s well worth it. Motorcycle gear helps protect the skin from road rash, flying bugs and severe injuries from motorcycle-involved accidents. Riding is inherently … Read More

Do You Know the Top Six Failure to Yield Citations?

Failure to yield. You have probably heard this term in traffic reports as the cause of an auto accident, or perhaps you have heard of citations given for drivers who fail to yield at stop signs, when merging lanes, or in pedestrian zones. While this term is more often used for auto accidents, it actually applies more to everyday driving practices than many drivers consider. As a Mesa car accident attorney firm, we see a lot of cases resulting from … Read More

How and When to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

Lawyer. For the people who need the expertise of one, the very word, “lawyer” can be a source of both fear and relief. Many people fear the cost of hiring a lawyer, but also anticipate the relief that only comes from having a legal representative close by to provide support. Regardless of your situation, the right lawyers or attorneys can help you save time and money and improve the quality of your life. Who Do I Talk To?

Boat Accident Prevention and Safety Tips

As the weather heats up, many Arizonans flock to the state’s lakes for some boating fun. Whether you just float on your boat for relaxation or go wild with your jet ski, remember to stay safe on the water. While Arizona boat accidents occur less often than car accidents, for example, they do still happen, partly due to a lack of caution on the part of the driver. In fact, the leading cause for the 4,500 boating accidents reported to … Read More

Why Emotional Driving Is Distracted Driving

If you have ever had a conversation with our compassionate lawyers at our Mesa personal injury law firm, you can quickly recall how supportive and informative they were as you worked through the emotions following your serious car accident. What many do not realize, however, is how emotions can also be a factor in causing devastating auto accidents. Stress, fatigue, worry, anger or other distress directly impact an individual’s driving ability and can impair their judgment. More often than not, … Read More

The Effects of a Serious Car Accident

Very often at SGP Law, we focus on how and why a car accident occurs, but we have not really focused enough on what types of obvious and not so obvious injuries you can sustain from a serious vehicle collision. SGP Law’s Mesa car accident lawyers has decades of personal injury law experience, and we have personally seen how accidents leave temporary and permanent scars on auto accident victims. When a car accident occurs, the deafening sound and your sudden … Read More

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