How Much A Car Accident Back Injury Settlement Could Be Worth

When you have been injured in a back injury car accident, you may be able to get compensation if you file a claim against the negligent party. The average settlement amount is based on the severity of the injury and will include all the different kinds of expenses associated with the accident. According to one survey, 16% of the verdicts in spinal disc injury settlements were more than $1 million, and 7% were more than $2.5 million, so a back … Read More

How To Ask For Compensation From A Walmart Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Nobody wants to get hurt. Sometimes accidents just happen, though, and sometimes they happen because of the negligence of someone else. When you are injured by the negligence of a party like Walmart, you can at least be glad of one thing: Walmart has what personal injury attorneys like to call “deep pockets,” and they will be able to compensate you for your injuries. As a retail giant, they can handle individual liability claims. If you have a potential lawsuit … Read More

Seven Tips For Dealing with An Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster

If you’re ever in a car accident, you will likely need to deal with a claims adjuster at some point in the process.  The adjuster works for the insurance company, and it is their job to adjust or negotiate claims made against the insurance company.  For the purpose of a car accident, they’re looking for all of the documentation regarding the accident so that they can come up with a fair settlement agreement for the injured parties. As the injured … Read More

How Slip and Fall Settlements Are Valued

A slip and fall injury can have devastating consequences, and they happen more frequently than you might think. If you’ve suffered an injury from a fall, a personal injury attorney can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve. A slip and fall injury can happen at any time. There are cases where someone falls at work, in a store or place of business, and on another person’s property.  If the fall is due to negligence or some fault … Read More

What Causes A Truck To Jackknife & How It Can Be Avoided

Are You the Victim of A Jackknife Accident? Any crash is frightening, but crashes with big trucks are probably the scariest. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), over 37,000 people lost their lives on America’s roads in 2016.  Four thousand five hundred sixty-four of those deaths involved big trucks or buses. Large trucks and buses accounted for 12% of those fatalities, and speed was a factor 61% of the time. Only 16% of the people killed were … Read More

Whiplash After Car Accident (What To Do and How To Treat)

Car Crash Injuries When you are in a car accident, you may not realize right away that you are injured.  If you are a victim of whiplash, you may not seek treatment until your symptoms have become so bad that you have no choice. The pain in your neck, head, or back may grow worse by the day, and even everyday living can cause your injuries to get worse. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries after an auto … Read More

Rear-End Collision Settlement Guide (How Much One Could Be Worth)

There are roughly 1.7 million rear-end collisions every year. They are one of the most common types of car accidents. They represent just under one-third of all accidents. Injuries after this type of crash are very common, and they can be severe. Thankfully, most rear-end collisions are only minor fender benders, but even those can have long-term physical and mental consequences for car accident victims. Understanding the mechanics of rear-end crash, including what causes them and the most common types … Read More

Dizzy After A Car Accident? (Here’s What To Do)

Some people are lucky and go their whole lives without being involved in an auto accident. Most people don’t know what to expect after being in a car accident and maybe unsure of what to do. Accidents can be stressful, and your initial adrenaline may keep you from even knowing if you are injured. It may take hours or weeks before the symptoms of your injuries present themselves. Even if you expect your expenses will be taken care of and … Read More

The Process For Receiving A Settlement Check [Timeline]

Ending your lawsuit from a settlement is usually much quicker than waiting for the end of a trial. A trial may not even get started for a year after the accident and can drag on for a very long time. Once you have received a reasonable offer and agreed to a settlement, you, unfortunately, won’t get paid right away. But there is a timeline you can depend on, as the process of receiving a settlement check follows a certain pattern. … Read More

15 Texting and Driving Quotes and Slogans To Remind You To Stay Off Your Phone

Did you know that distracted driving kills approximately 9 individuals each and every day? Let that sink in for a moment… Driving is already one of the most dangerous things we do every day. Why let a short dopamine hit put you in even more danger on a daily basis? Although some states are taking action to reduce these numbers through legislation, many drivers ignore the new laws. It’s easy to believe that briefly looking at your phone in certain … Read More

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