Arizona’s Most Dangerous Driving Behaviors [Study]

It’s no secret that driving is one of the most dangerous things we do every day. Yet, for many people, this is rarely a thought that crosses their mind. At SGP Law, we’ve worked on countless car accident related cases in the decades we’ve been open as a firm. Because of this, safety while driving is always top of mind. As a reminder to Arizona’s residents of the dangers of driving (and why safe driving habits are so important), we … Read More

What To Do When Your Lawyer Isn’t Communicating With You

Once you have chosen your attorney, you make an appointment and go in for what is probably a free consultation as soon as possible. During your first meeting, you are the most important person in the room, and your new lawyer assures you that he has dealt with these kinds of issues before. You leave the meeting feeling confident that your attorney will handle the legal aspects of your case while you can finally relax, knowing you have someone on … Read More

What To Do When Involved In A Fender Bender With No Police Report

Most of the time when you’re driving, you are just trying to get from one point to another. Getting into even a minor accident is stressful and frustrating, and you probably just want to put it behind you. Once you stop and assess the damage, you might just be relieved when you find out that everyone is okay and there are no injuries. If the other driver agrees, you might think it’s a good idea to go ahead and leave … Read More

Are Car Accident Reports Public Record?

If you have been involved in an accident, the car accident report will be the record that collects all the information from the crash. Even if you don’t intend to become involved in a lawsuit and there are no criminal charges pending, it is important to make sure that the crash report is correct and that the information contained on it is accurate. You may want to get the help of an attorney or a law enforcement officer to look … Read More

Who’s At Fault After A Chain Reaction Car Accident?

A chain reaction car crash is any accident where at least 3 vehicles are involved in the same accident. It usually involves a series of collisions started by one vehicle at some part in the chain, and a chain reaction car crash can actually involve any type of vehicle, including passenger automobiles, motorcycles and 18-wheeler trucks. How Does a Chain Reaction Car Crash Happen? Most chain reaction crashes are rear end crashes. They start with one car crashing into another … Read More

Why You Should Wear A Seatbelt (6 Reasons)

Original automobiles didn’t have seatbelts, but newer vehicles have not just seatbelts but airbags and other devices to protect everyone in an automobile. As cars become more powerful and faster, they paradoxically become safer in many ways too. The government has a vested interest in protecting its citizens, and seatbelts are one important way injuries and damages can be mitigated and even avoided. Seat belts were first required by federal law under Title 49 of the United States Code, Chapter … Read More

Should You Get A Lawyer For An Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

Life is certainly not fair, and you are probably already asking yourself, “Why should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?” If you don’t have an attorney who is representing your interests, you may not be able to get what you deserve after you have been in a crash. Without an attorney, you may also end up unfairly receiving at least some blame for the accident even if you were a completely innocent party. Especially … Read More

What It Means To “File A Suit” & How To File One In Arizona

Filing a lawsuit is never the first step when it comes to resolving a dispute. Litigation can be costly in terms of both money and time, and it can also cause stress for all of the parties involved. What Are The Reasons You Would File A Suit? The most common reason you would file a suit is breach of contract. If you entered into an agreement with someone who did not fulfill their part of a bargain, you might sue … Read More

The Worst (And Best) Drivers In Arizona By City

When you think of where the worst drivers in the country are, it’s not surprising to hear Arizona mentioned as one of the top candidates. Various studies have shown Arizona drivers to be in the top 10 states for worst drivers. However, wouldn’t it be an overgeneralization to say that every driver in Arizona is one of the worst drivers in the country? Most people would agree. That’s why we conducted a study to determine where the majority of the … Read More

The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries (Be Careful On Your Bike)

Riding a motorcycle saves money on gas and insurance, but most people choose to ride motorcycles because it’s fun. It’s easier to commute, because you can go places a car might not be able to. You can also park your motorcycle in smaller spaces. Motorcycle riders even cause less damage to the road, since their bikes don’t normally weigh as much as even small cars. And to top it off, you look pretty cool riding around on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, … Read More

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