Thank You Letter To Your Attorney (Samples from Client)


Each day, attorneys go to bat for their clients. They listen to some of the hardest moments of their clients’ lives on repeat—scanning photos and videos of the traumatic events to find where justice should be served. Personal injury attorneys don’t just do this because it’s their profession.

They do it because they genuinely care for their clients and hope to help them see the light after a challenging period.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to say thank you to your legal team after they’ve helped you through a traumatic time. Sending your attorney a thank you letter is an excellent way to show your appreciation for their hard work and legal advice. If you’re unsure where to start, keep reading. We’ve got a how-to guide on writing a thank you letter to your attorney, as well as inspiring sample thank you letters and notes.

How to Write a Thank You Letter to an Attorney

After an auto accident, medical malpractice, or wrongful death, an attorney helps pick up and put together the broken pieces. Once you’ve made it through your settlement check timeline, sending your personal injury lawyer a thank you note can be a heartfelt token of your appreciation. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to be a poet or expert writer to pen your lawyer a thank you letter. Rather, just focus on including key details about your experience.

A well-written thank you letter, greeting card, email, or note should clearly state the following:

  • A salutation—greet your attorney and their law firm at the beginning of your letter.
  • Why you’re writing—in the letter, include your case type or specific injury.
  • Why you appreciate their professional support—talk about how their work has helped you.
  • A warm conclusion—“Sincerely,” “Respectfully,” “Best wishes,” “Regards,” “Sincere thanks,” and “Warmly” are all great ways to end your letter.

The type of thank you letter you write may vary depending on what services you received. In most cases, you would either write a thank you letter for a complimentary case evaluation or services rendered.

Thank You Letter to Lawyer for Free Case Evaluation

A free case evaluation is one of an attorney’s most sought-after services. Sometimes a free case evaluation is just what you need to determine the next steps in your case, such as filing a counter-offer against an insurance company or sending a demand letter. If you didn’t sign a contract with an attorney but sought them out for legal advice, there’s nothing wrong with sending a thank you note for their professional services.

In fact, as most attorneys are not compensated for a complimentary case evaluation, showing your gratitude through a heartfelt note can truly make your attorney’s day. When writing a thank you letter for a case evaluation, be sure to include the following:

  • Your name and when you received their services
  • How the attorney provided help through the case evaluation, such as providing legal advice or reviewing a legal document
  • How their guidance paid off, such as a successful settlement check or negotiation
  • A warm closing, such as “Best wishes” or “Sincere thanks”

Once you’ve finished your note, check the attorney’s website for their email address or send your letter via snail mail to their office.

Thank You Letter to Attorney for Services Rendered

Once you sign a contract with an attorney, they’re responsible for multiple aspects of your case, including gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and negotiating with the insurance company. In many ways, you can view your personal injury attorney as your business partner during very difficult times. Your attorney doesn’t get paid unless you do, and their job is to get you paid.

If an attorney’s professional services resulted in a favorable verdict for your case, a thank you note is a genuine method of expressing your appreciation. Since you likely developed a strong attorney-client relationship throughout the duration of your case, feel free to incorporate more detail into your thank you letter.

The following are some options to include when writing a thank you letter to an attorney for services rendered:

  • Your name
  • Why you appreciate their professional support and how it’s been helpful, such as locating expert witnesses to support your case
  • How their services made an impact on your case, such as negotiating a fair settlement amount
  • What their services and resulting compensation have meant to you, such as helping you get back to the life you once loved and alleviating your stress and anxiety
  • A warm closing, such as “Sincere thanks,” “Respectfully,” or “Warmly”

Sample Thank You Letters to Lawyers

The type of thank you letter you write may vary depending on your specific personal injury case.. For instance, a car accident personal injury case may unfold differently than a slip and fall. Below we’ve collected a variety of sample thank you letters to lawyers. They are arranged based on specific case types to help you better craft your own thank you note.

Let’s dive in!

General Personal Injury Thank You Note

Dear Mr. Jonas,
I’m writing to thank you and your entire law firm for all of your hard work throughout my case. When I was first injured, I wasn’t sure where to turn. I took a look at Google and thought, “There are just too many attorneys to make a decision!” It wasn’t until I saw your expansive list of practice areas that I knew you were the personal injury attorney for me.

Throughout the time we worked together, everyone at your law firm was kind, patient, and supportive. My injuries made it difficult for me to leave my home, so your team was sure to email and call me every time there was a new development. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing treatment you gave me. I hope that our paths should never have to cross again (no more broken bones for me!), but if they do, I’m confident your hard work and determination will make my case a breeze.

With gratitude,
Gloria Steinfeld

Bicycle Accident Thank You Letter

To Mrs. Klein,

I hope you and your team are doing well! I wanted to give you my sincere thanks once again for your incredible determination and tenacity during my case.

A bicycle accident was the last thing I ever thought would happen to me, and after I was injured, I truly didn’t know where to turn. You and your team of attorneys were so understanding. You answered my endless phone calls and constantly reassured me we would get through that difficult time together.

You and your associates are hands down the best lawyers in Arizona—I’d even go as far as to say the entire country! Without your help, I would be depressed, in pain, and severely in debt. I will never forget how much your services meant to me.

Sincere thanks,
Joel Osgood

Car Accident Thank You Email

Hi Mr. Lee!

I wanted to shoot you a quick note to thank you again for your services. After my car accident, it was incredibly stressful dealing with multiple insurance companies and sorting my medical bills. Especially since it was my first time ever involved in any type of traffic incident, I was so lost and confused!

Luckily, I discovered your services at the perfect time. You were able to make sense of the multiple demand letter requests, photo evidence, and medical documents that kept my case on track. You always made sure to follow-up, and you never let me miss an important meeting or phone call.

I’m so happy we were able to receive a successful verdict. Without the weight of my hospital bills following me around, I feel like I can finally start a new chapter after the wreck. I hope you and your team took a well-deserved break after we won the case!

Good luck to you and your associates (though I’m sure you won’t need it).

Madison Castricone

Defective Product Thank You Note


My most heartfelt thanks for your legal advice and skill. I was stunned when my daughter’s hairdryer caught fire. One second the house was calm, the next second half my bathroom was ablaze, and my poor Jessica was singed beyond belief. I was beside myself with worry—not for my material possessions but for Jessie’s well being. You understood the fear I was facing and the anxiety that surrounded Jessie after the accident.

You and your entire law practice put everything into our defective product case. You made sure the manufacturer was made fully responsible for the harm they caused my family. And for your bravery, determination, and skill in the courtroom, my family and I will be forever indebted.

Again, my most heartfelt thanks to everyone in your law practice.


Dog Bite Thank You Letter

To Mr. Rosenthal and Associates,

I’m writing to thank you once again for your help after my recent dog bite nightmare. Your legal services meant so much to me for so many reasons.

For one, I was nervous to pursue legal action. While I knew my injuries were severe, it’s complicated to begin a legal matter with your neighbor.

Fortunately, you and your team made it clear from the jump that this case was not a money grab. I know Maggie and Robert felt so guilty about what happened, and your professionalism and courtesy made everyone involved feel comfortable and at ease.

After we received our successful verdict, I was able to receive the surgery needed to heal the marks left behind by the dog bite incident. The marks have healed incredibly, and I’m so excited to enter the New Year with WAY more confidence than I had last year. I could not be where I am today without your legal services.

Warm regards,

Missy and the Cohen Family

Medical Malpractice Thank You Email

Mrs. Gonzales,

I hope all is well with you and your team. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help with my medical malpractice case.

Before we met, I felt so betrayed by the people who were supposed to take care of me. I was beyond nervous trusting in anyone’s professional services, let alone an attorney I knew nothing about.

Right from the start, you and your paralegals were nothing but sweet and attentive. You were discreet when discussing my personal injury details but investigated every document, exchange, and paper trail to find the evidence we needed. I am beyond grateful to you and your team of personal injury experts. I hope I shouldn’t have to, but in the future, I will recommend your professional services to anyone who experiences medical malpractice as I did.

Wishing you all the best moving forward.

With gratitude,
Kelly O’Donnell

Motorcycle Accident Thank You Note

Daniel and Team,

Throughout these trying times, your positivity and support have been a guiding light. We could have never received the proper compensation without you and your incredible paralegals by our side. From the moment Andrew was involved in his motorcycle accident, I just knew the other driver would try to pin the fault on him. You and your team did an amazing job gathering stoplight footage and pedestrian eyewitness statements to prove the other driver was wrong.

What we were most struck by was how you took Andrew’s word for truth and never tried to doubt his version of events. When your expert witness used his reconstruction to show that the other driver’s version of events wasn’t possible, both of our hearts soared. We knew this proved

Andrew was innocent. We could’ve never asked for a better attorney-client relationship, and we are forever grateful for your professional services and legal advice.

Best wishes,
Donna and Andrew

Pedestrian Accident Thank You Card

Jenna and Team,
There are not enough thank you cards in the world to express how grateful we are for your help in our case. When we left to go to the carnival in May, we never expected we’d be involved in a pedestrian accident. After the crash, our son Christopher swore he would never leave the house again, and that broke our hearts. It was hard to tell what hurt more—our physical injuries or the emotional pain the accident caused.
We wanted to say a special thank you for how especially wonderful you were. Who would’ve thought an attorney we found on Yelp would be the only individual who could put our family back together again? Christopher is even talking about going into the legal profession after seeing you in action in the courtroom!
Special thanks,
The Wallace Family

Slip and Falls Handwritten Note

Mr. Luongo,

Please pardon my handwriting, but I felt a handwritten note was the only way I could properly express my heartfelt gratitude for your services. At my age, a fall can be the difference between seeing your grandchildren walk across the graduation stage and being bedridden for months on end. When I slipped and fell leaving the craft store, I feared the worst.

Though the doctors helped get me back on my feet, it was you and your team that revived my spirits. You always had smiles on your faces, and you took the time to ask how I was feeling, if I was healing well, and if I needed anything. You are truly angels put here for a purpose.

God Bless,
Betsy Stevens

Truck Accident Thank You Email

Juan and the Ladies,
Just another token of our gratitude for your excellent work in the courtroom. We were told at the start of this mess that truck accidents can be the most complicated personal injury cases. There’s a bunch of insurance hurdles, legal contracts, ownership issues… a whole bunch of jargon we simply didn’t understand. After I was injured in the accident, I was scared for my kids and wife. I knew I would have medical bills up to my ears and wouldn’t be able to work for months.

With you and your wonderful paralegals in our corner, we not only received enough to cover my medical bills but to continue physical therapy for these next few months. I feel better than I have in so long because of you and the lovely ladies you have working in your office. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Excellent work, once again!
Jackson Wilson and Family

Wrongful Death Thank You Letter

Michael and Angela,
Thank you both for finally helping us reach a verdict in our father’s wrongful death case. When we first sought legal counsel, our case was riddled with legal issues. It felt like the hospital and insurance companies were attacking us from every angle. You both stepped up to the plate in more ways than one, arguing for us against all odds and being kind and compassionate along the way.

We know this holiday season won’t be the same after the loss of our dear dad. But you brought our family much-needed closure. Your legal counsel has meant the world to us. We hope this holiday treats you as well as you treated us.

The Macguire Family

Penning Your Own Thank You Letter

Are you inspired to write your own thank you letter? A thank you note is one of the most heartfelt ways you can show your appreciation to your attorney.

Plus, we can guarantee that as an attorney, it feels amazing to receive such a kind gesture from a client. We hope these thank you letter samples were all the inspiration you need to pen your own note.

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