5 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Questions to Ask When Looking for an Attorney

After sustaining a personal injury, it’s common for a victim or their family to have many questions about the legal process and whether it’s the right path for their claim. Because of this, they may consider hiring legal representation.

The process of finding a lawyer can be challenging depending on the circumstances of your case. To better aid in your search, here are five of the most important questions to ask a potential personal injury attorney.

1. What Area(s) of Law Do You Practice In?

Not all attorneys practice in the same area of law, so it's important to begin your search by establishing that you are dealing with an attorney who focuses on personal injury law specifically.

You wouldn't want to hire a family law attorney to represent you in a personal injury case, as they likely don't have the specific expertise required to get you the best possible outcome. By ensuring that a lawyer has the right experience in cases like yours, you can ensure you are getting the best representation possible.

2. What is Your Success Rate?

After you've established that an attorney practices in the area of personal injury law, you should ask about their success rate. The best attorneys will have a proven record of success when it comes to winning cases and securing favorable outcomes for their clients.

You can ask the attorney or browse their website for case results to better understand their success rate. If an attorney cannot provide this information, it may be best to move on to a more transparent lawyer about their past cases.

3. How Do Your Clients Feel About Your Services?

While an attorney's success rate is important, it's also beneficial to understand how past clients have felt about the services they received. After all, you'll be working closely with your attorney throughout the legal process and it's important to establish a good rapport.

Most attorneys will have testimonials from past clients on their website. If not, you can always ask for references that you can contact directly. These people will be able to provide first-hand accounts of what it was like working with the lawyer and can give you a better idea of what to expect.

4. Who Will Be Handling My Case?

In many larger firms, it's not uncommon for cases to be handed off to a Case Manager or Paralegal rather than dealing one-on-one with the attorney you hired. While there's nothing wrong with this, it's important to understand who will be handling your case and how much contact you can expect to have with the lawyer.

Ideally, you'll want an attorney who will be personally responsible for managing your case from start to finish. This way, you can ensure that your case is in good hands and that you have a direct line of communication with the person responsible for getting you a favorable outcome.

5. What is the Likelihood My Case Will Go to Trial?

One of the most important things to know about personal injury claims is that there is a very small likelihood that they will result in a trial. Most cases end during the settlement phase, but certain circumstances may warrant further litigation.

Some attorneys may try to push your case toward trial in order to rack up legal fees, so it's important to ask about the likelihood of this happening up front. A good attorney will be honest with you about the chances of your case going to trial and will only recommend this option if it's in your best interest. Because of this, you may want to look for an attorney that has a lengthy history of trial litigation so that you know your case is in the right hands.

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