Pedestrian Safety Tips

pedestrian crossing the street

If you enjoy walking, you should know the various ways to stay safe from potentially negligent drivers. Because our team at Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC cares about you and your health, we want to ensure you know how to avoid some of the most catastrophic injuries. Here are some safety tips for pedestrians to follow:

Avoid Distractions

If you’re walking and intend to cross the street, you should avoid using your cell phone or headphones. While you can’t predict drivers’ actions, you can take steps to keep yourself safe by staying alert. Don’t text while walking across the street, and be sure to look both ways.

Check Crosswalks & Use Sidewalks

It’s always best to cross the street where you can legally and safely do so. Use legal and marked crosswalks, such as at a stop sign or traffic light. By crossing at legal sections of the road, you give yourself the best chance of staying safe. Still, you must watch for potentially negligent drivers who can still cause you harm.

Be Visible

You should try to wear visible clothing if you intend to walk at night. Several pedestrian accidents occur in darker areas where driver visibility is reduced. If you can, wear brighter clothing so that a driver might see you easier.

Watch Out for Driveways

When someone backs out or pulls out of their driveway, they should pay close attention to any pedestrians who might be walking on the sidewalk. If the driver doesn’t stop to look for pedestrians, they can cause severe harm.

Our Mesa pedestrian accident lawyers at Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC work for you. We care about helping you when you suffer some of the most catastrophic injuries. Trust that our team will stand by your side and help you throughout the entire process. We want to seek the most favorable outcome on your behalf so you can move forward in life with confidence.

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