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How Do I Approach a Drunk Driver After a Crash?

Drunk drivers cause several crashes each year, many of which result in significant or fatal injuries. Unfortunately, if you experience a crash with a drunk driver, it can be daunting to approach the driver for the information you need.

Before you move forward, it’s crucial to recognize steps you should take to approach a drunk driver following a collision.

Assess the Situation

Take a second before getting out of your vehicle after a crash. If you notice signs of drunk driving, make sure you wait to see how the driver acts. Unfortunately, some drunk drivers can be aggressive towards others. Don’t get out of the vehicle too soon and allow it to lead to further altercations.

Contact Law Enforcement

Be sure to contact law enforcement right away. Drunk driving is a criminal act and its important for the law enforcement officers to perform an investigation which may include a field sobriety test, blood test or a breathalyzer test. This information is very important for your injury case. A police report which indicates there was a drunk driver can help in proving causation and can help increase the amount offered in your damages claim. The police report can be solid evidence when building your claim.

Take Notes of the Driver’s Condition

While you wait for law enforcement, take note of the driver’s actions. If you see that they are stumbling around or showing signs of intoxication, take clear note of that and tell the law enforcement officer. Any information you get can help you file your claim.

It helps to work with an attorney who can use the intoxication level of the other drive to help prove causation and possibly pursue a punitive damages claim.

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