When Do You Need to Hire a Product Liability Attorney?


Imagine you or a loved one suffering a serious personal injury in one of these frightening scenarios:

  • You are drying your hair before work when suddenly you receive a nasty shock. You try to let go of your hair dryer, but it seems to be stuck to your hand. You realize you are being electrocuted and end up in the hospital for treatment.
  • You purchase a brightly painted of wooden blocks for your baby to play with. A few weeks later, you notice that she doesn’t seem to be acting normally. You take her to be checked out by your pediatrician, and after some tests are run, you are eventually told that she is suffering from lead poisoning. After some investigation, the paint that has been chipping off your baby’s new blocks is found to contain lead.
  • You’re out on your motorcycle for a pleasant ride on a winding country back road. As you approach a sharp turn and try to brake, your bike fails to slow properly and you wind up riding off the road into a tree. Luckily, your helmet has saved you from death or brain injury, but as a result of this motorcycle defect, you suffer broken bones and other painful injuries that will cost a small fortune in medical treatment.


These are three examples of a situation when you should immediately hire a product liability lawyer to hold the manufacturer of a dangerous and defective product accountable. The victim in each of these scenarios should be entitled to compensation for the medical costs incurred directly as a result of these incidents, as well as restitution for pain and suffering. An attorney with experience in such product liability lawsuits is a necessity to ensure that the victim receives every dollar to which he or she is justly due.

Under normal circumstances, all products should operate exactly as they are advertised. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Every year thousands of people suffer damage as a result of a product they purchased, whether it is a vehicle, prescription medication, toys, home goods, or appliances. The real question becomes, how do you know if the damage is enough to hire a product liability attorney?

First, you should understand that there are three basic types of product liability:

  • Design defects, where the engineering or design of a product is faulty and results in it being unreasonably dangerous and defective. This type of defect most commonly occurs in industrial equipment and machinery, but does occasionally appear in toys, vehicles, and other products.
  • Manufacturing defects, when there is a defect in the manufacturing process of a product that results in it being harmful or dangerous. In this situation, the design isn’t flawed, but the way it was put together is. These defects can vary from case to case, but typically occur when a safety feature doesn’t work as it was intended.
  • Warning defect, occurring when dangers posed by a product are not made obvious on the packaging. Product warnings must be clearly labeled to warn consumers of any potential dangerous the product poses while being used for its intended use.

Product liability attorneys are trained professionals who can ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to if you have been injured by a product. These attorneys have an excellent working knowledge of the area of law that governs manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers responsible for damages their products cause.

Such product liability cases can be tricky, however. The manufacturer of the defective product will certainly have its own team of lawyers with two goals: keeping your case from going before a jury, and expending the lowest amount of money reaching an out-of-court settlement. For that reason, you need your own personal injury lawyers fighting at your side. They will help to build your case to prove product liability and to get you a fair and proper settlement that will adequately cover your medical expenses and more.

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