Every vehicle has a blind spot. This is true for a compact car, work truck, semi-truck, motorcycle, and even a bicycle. These tricky areas are outside of your peripheral vision, making it impossible to detect potential threats in your surrounding areas and difficult to make safe lane changes. Blind spots are one of the biggest driving hazards we have today. Join us as we discuss the many scenarios of blind spot near-accidents. We will also discuss how to help prevent blind spot accidents in the future.

How To: Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots - Car and Driver

What Is A Blind Spot?

A blind spot refers to the area to the back right or back left that is blocked out by your peripheral vision. It is important to make sure your vehicle’s side mirrors are set to display vehicles outside of your normal range of vision.  Check out this handy guide by Car and Driver!

Who Is At Fault For A Blind Spot Accident?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions our personal injury lawyers receive at our Mesa, AZ office. The answer is not quite so simple. It depends on various circumstances leading up to the accident. Arizona Law suggests unsafe lane changes are most common among aggressive drivers (ARS-28-695). Yet, there have been cases where a driver purposefully drove into an individual’s blind spot to cause an accident. When these types of accident scenarios result in serious pedestrian or motorcycle accident injuries, witness accounts are critical to help build up a defense case proving an exception to Arizona statute.

What Else Can Arizona Drivers Do To Prevent Blind Spot Incidents?

Be diligent of your surroundings, especially to your right and left. Before making any lane changes, check to see if you can see both headlights of any vehicles in that lane. If you can see the entire front of any motorist in that lane, you have enough space to merge safely and without incident. This is the best way to prevent Mesa car accidents involving semi-trucks and other large vehicles.

Should I Call A Car Accident Injury Lawyer For Accidents Involving Blind Spots?

If you are involved in any car accident in the Mesa area that results in injuries, call a trustworthy personal injury attorney. When you contact SGP Law, our car accident lawyers give you personalized attention to your injuries and their causes, as well as Arizona law. The discovery process can often uncover more indicators to a driver’s negligence and support your injury claim.

Blind spot and tailgating accidents are a serious threat to Mesa drivers. If you want representation for any form of car accident injury, contact SGP Law online or by phone today. Our lawyers are dedicated to representing your claim.