4 Slip & Fall Cases Judges Won’t Usually See

Slip and fall injuries can be serious and can cause unforeseen injuries. Some can even cause life-long disabilities that negatively impact the victim’s quality of life. However, not all injury cases are pursuable in a court of law in Arizona and other states. Even when injuries are present, many judges will rule that certain slip and fall cases were brought about by the victim’s own carelessness, rather than the negligence of others.

At Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience law firm, we will hear every victim’s plea for justice. Be prepared for our impartial perspective on the situation. We do this to help you build your case, as well as inform you as to whether a case does or does not meet the probable cause justification. Here are some slip and fall cases resulting in injuries that could be risky or difficult to pursue.

Slips on Pool Decks

slip and fall on pool decks - sgplaw.com - ShutterstockWhen you are enjoying the pool at a private residence or using a community spa, understand that you are putting yourself at risk of slipping. As you get in and out of the water, you’re bound to leave a trail of water on the edge of the pool. While some surfaces are textured, you can still slip if your feet don’t have enough traction on the hard surface. Other causes of slips near a pool or spa are splashing, gathered condensation from beverages and even oily substances like sunscreen lotion or sprays.

Fall Injuries from Showers or Tubs

Soaps, conditioners and other bath essentials can create a slippery surface. Most bathtubs and showers are made of porcelain or vinyl surfaces that repel water to help improve drainage. Soaps, conditioners and oils can leave a residue on the surface. When remoistened, they pose a slip and fall risk to the unknowing bather. Slip mats and sticky pads are not always effective in preventing falls.

Unmarked Caution Areas for Potential Slip and Fall Injuries

Hotels, resorts and shopping centers a responsibility to post caution signs in high-traffic areas where slip and falls can occur. These facilities often have hard flooring all throughout, including individual rooms guests may stay in. When housekeeping is permitted to enter rooms, their jobs are to clean all surfaces, including floors, and restock bedding and towels. Depending on timing, their cleaning can occur shortly before a guest returns to the room, which means the floor might not yet be dry. When it is clear housekeeping has entered the premises, guests are to presume caution when entering and using the room.

Slips on Uneven or Textured Surfaces

Gravel is one of the most common areas where slip and fall injuries occur. If shoes catch the gravel the wrong way, someone can twist or roll their ankle before succumbing to a fall. Facility management is responsible for grounds maintenance. Yet, all visitors to an area with uneven or textured surfaces also need to practice safety in all types of shoes to prevent falls.

Getting the answer to who is at fault for slip and fall injuries is not the victims’ responsibility. Let the professionals help determine fault. Get checked out by a medical professional, and then make a call to a personal injury lawyer near you. While not all injury cases will be heard in Arizona’s court of law, talking with a personal injury attorney is the first step to in seeing if you have a plausible case.

If you are in need of legal advice and representation, look for Skousen Gulbrandsen & Patience online or give us a call. We offer free initial consultations to hear you out. Your injuries are important to us and we can provide you steps to seeking justice.