Is My Slip and Fall Accident My Fault?

slip-and-fall-lawyersYou can be carrying on about your day, and boom: you’re suddenly on the ground and in pain. While you may think your slip and fall accident was your fault, our Mesa accident lawyers may discover something different. We realize that accidents happen daily and are a fact of life. They can happen at home or in businesses. However, some accidents occur as a result of negligence. Here’s how to determine if someone else is responsible for your slip and fall accident.

If you are at a retail store, sporting event or even in the workplace, and you have a slip and fall accident due to unforeseen circumstances, document your injuries and consult with a slip and fall attorney to handle your claim. At Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience PLC, initial consultations are always free of charge, so there’s no risk in meeting with a lawyer to discuss your accident.

What to Document:

  • Surrounding circumstances prior to the fall: If it’s in a walkway or aisle, note placement of everything nearby to establish a clear walkway with no obvious obstructions. Also indicate the flooring type to depict how the surface impacted the fall.
  • Prior pace: Recall how fast you were walking before the incident. You will also want to describe the style of shoe worn.
  • What you were doing prior to the accident and what you did afterwards: Did anyone come to your aid? Were you able to ask for assistance from an authoritative source? Were the medics called and present for your aid?

Following medical attention to your pain and injuries, it is important to protect your rights by seeking counsel from a personal injury lawyer. They can help establish whether you have probable cause to pursue an injury claim.

Personal Injury Consultation Meeting Tips:

  • Present the documentation and explain the situation at hand
  • Provide your contact information, as well as the property manager’s information and the phone numbers for any witnesses, if applicable
  • Show documentation of medical attention and any bills incurred

shutterstock_196636601 Because personal injury attorneys see many claims, they scrutinize the consultation details to determine negligence on either the property owner or on the claimant. They quickly, yet carefully piece together the actions prior and following the incident and look for clues of open and obvious injury threats. For example, if an individual fell in a grocery store, but it was obvious that shelf stockers were working and there was apparent debris from removing packaging materials, then the claimant did not practice caution. However, if there were unaddressed complaints about uneven / broken tile or even cords under carpeting, then the claimant and their personal injury lawyer will likely proceed with the injury claim.

Other factors that indicate negligence include:

  • Broken or unstable steps or handrails
  • Improper lighting
  • Failure to comply with ADA laws on walkway or aisle clearance
  • Exposed and/or abandoned electrical cords or fixtures
  • Lack of caution signs in unsafe areas

Please do not delay in consulting with a Mesa slip and fall injury lawyer. SGP Law has served the Mesa and Phoenix community for over 50 years and have a dedication to our clients for excellent service. Take advantage of our “no recovery, no fee” guarantee. Call 480.833.8800 or use our online contact form!