Respecting Commercial Trucks on Arizona Roads

Commercial Trucks - - ShutterstockAs the sixth largest city in the United States, mESA naturally has a lot more drivers on the road than other places. With the traffic, unfortunately, comes more opportunity for commercial truck accidents. The category of commercial trucks expands beyond just semi-trucks. Garbage trucks, emergency response vehicles, landscaping trucks, moving trucks, pool cleaning vehicles, and delivery trucks are all examples of commercial vehicles that share the road with you each and every day.

As a Mesa truck accident lawyer, we know just how important commercial trucks are to local and national businesses. The drivers of these branded vehicles meet the needs of your local community but at a great risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), hundreds of thousands of truck collisions occur on the United States roadways each year. The injuries caused by such accidents are almost always more extreme due to the typical size, weight and structure of commercial vehicles. While it certainly can’t prevent all truck accidents, it’s clear that one thing is necessary to make the roadways safer and more efficient in highly populated areas like Mesa: respect.

What does roadway respect look like?

Our Mesa truck accident attorneys recommend starting with the basic rules of the road.

Signal appropriately – If you plan on moving to another lane or making a turn in the next few hundred feet, remember to use your blinker. Give enough notice to drivers behind you to make arrangements for your actions. A great rule is to signal at least two vehicle-lengths away from the anticipated turn.

Pass correctly – No matter who you’re trying to pass, make sure you can see their entire front hood in your rearview mirror before moving in front of them. This means they have enough space to make adjustments to their speed to avoid rear-ending you. Remember to give commercial trucks an extra wide berth before passing.

Wait patiently – Large trucks are required to post wide right turns signs on the back of their vehicles. Wait patiently and give them enough space to make any necessary turns without causing you or others harm.

If you can see that a semi-truck, bus or large first responder vehicle is signaling for a turn, and you are the first of the cross traffic lanes to come to a stop, plan to stop a few more feet away from the crosswalk to give these trucks more turning space. This shows respect to their vehicle size and creates a safer driving intersection for all.

Commercial accidents can happen for many reasons, but with safe, respectful driving habits, the chance of them occurring can be reduced. If you were injured in a truck accident, contact the Mesa truck accident attorneys of SGP Law to represent your injury claim.

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