Our Phoenix attorneys remind you of the importance of speaking with only your lawyer and his/her staff regarding your case.

If you've been injured or are at fault in an accident injury case, our Phoenix personal injury attorneys remind you of the importance of securing proper legal representation. Once you do have representation, remember that your attorney and his/her staff should be the only people from the legal or insurance professions you speak to regarding your case. It is not uncommon for accident lawyers or insurance investigators to attempt to contact the other party in a personal injury case. They do so to try and obtain information that might benefit their client or themselves. If and when they do reach out to you, your only reply should be no reply at all.

Being involved in an auto, motorcycle, truck or pedestrian accident is serious business. In such instances and for the duration of your case remember that only your accident attorney has your best interests at heart. What, you may ask, if someone from your own insurance company contacts you? Surely they're on your side; they are your insurance company after all. Again, the answer is no. Do not answer questions without consulting your lawyer first.

  • Avoid speaking with anyone other than your attorney, his/her staff or your attorney's investigator
  • If you are approached, identify the individual and who they represent
  • Do not speak to anyone, not even your own insurance company or their legal department, without first notifying your attorney. This way he/she may choose to be present.

Our Phoenix personal injury law firm is home to experienced personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers who will leave no stone unturned in protecting and advocating for your rights. During your initial consultation with Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC our accident attorneys will go over issues such as contact from outside sources and how best to respond in such situations. By doing they can assure that you never inadvertently do damage to your case by speaking to someone who is working directly against your interests.

Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC is a highly respected name in the Valley's legal community. Our Phoenix personal injury attorneys have secured millions in settlements for our clients, and they've done it with class, integrity, expertise and a passion for the clients they represent.

Remember, in a personal injury case only your attorney and his/her team have your best interests in mind. Proceed accordingly when it comes to who you speak about your case with.

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