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Around Mesa, pedestrian accidents are a tragic yet inevitable part of everyday life. In built-up areas throughout the Valley of the Sun, minor and major traffic-related pedestrian accidents occur at an alarming rate, the sad outcome of which are numerous injuries and fatalities. For example, the Arizona Department of Transportation reports that there were 103,637 pedestrian crashes in 2012 alone, of which 1,354 resulted in severe injuries and 130 were proven to be fatal. The majority of these pedestrian crashes occurred in urban areas, and the most common factors included adverse weather conditions, drunk drivers, and vehicle operators who ran red lights or failed to stop or yield when necessary.

Pedestrian Accidents in Phoenix

When you think about a pedestrian accident, the most obvious scenario that comes to mind involves someone crossing a busy street without looking where they were going and a vehicle subsequently hitting them. However, there are many other types of pedestrian accidents, especially in urbanized areas around Arizona. For instance, dog walkers and joggers commonly encounter dangerous hit and run drivers. In addition, crosswalk, parking lot and intersection accidents are extremely prevalent, as well as car, bus, truck, bicycle and motorcycle accidents involving people driving under the influence. Pedestrian accident injuries typically include broken bones, internal organ damage, paralysis, head and/or brain injuries, and even low impact collisions can end up causing serious wounds.

What To Do If You Are A Pedestrian In An Accident

When a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the resulting injuries are often life-changing, but this does not mean that the victim should have to suffer due to someone else's negligence. That is where the Mesa-based pedestrian accident legal team at Skousen, Gulbrandsen and Patience can help. If you are a pedestrian who has been involved in an accident in which you were not to blame, our experienced personal injury attorneys can help to fight for your rights and pursue the compensation you need. Call us for a free consultation - no recovery, no fee!

At SGP Law, our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers find that most types of pedestrian accidents are caused by preoccupied or careless motorists, where a driver may be paying attention to cars as well as other vehicles on the roads, but might not look out for pedestrians, particularly in residential areas and side streets. By law, pedestrians usually have the right of way, and lackadaisical motorists who disregard this fact are in violation of state code and can be liable for any injuries you or a family member has suffered.

Deciding to retain legal representation is not an easy choice to make, especially if an accident victim has been left feeling anxious, upset, or stressed by their traumatic experience. However, in many cases, seeking out a reputable Mesa pedestrian accident lawyer can help to relieve this apprehension and unease.Please call Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC today at 800-501-2782 or contact us online to inquire about your legal options.