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If an individual is injured or otherwise harmed by criminal activity on another individual's property, there must be some recourse to hold the property owner accountable. In court, we refer to this type of claim as security negligence and it requires the help the personal injury lawyers at the Phoenix law firm of Skousen, Gulbrandsen and Patience.

What Is Security Negligence?

In a negligent security case — a type of premises liability — an injured individual brings an accusation of negligence against the property owner, under the claim that the property owner failed to provide adequate security to account for the safety of the people who enter the premises.
This can be a personal injury, a loss of property or other punitive damages due to inadequate security, and the property owner is then responsible for compensating the injured party based on the amount at which their claim is valued.

What Are Some Examples of Security Negligence?

Many negligent security claims occur on commercial property. If a person has their purse snatched in a mall, for example, they could claim that the owner of the mall didn't provide adequate security to protect the safety of the people that come and go through the mall.
The same applies to apartment buildings and college campuses. In some cases of crime in either of these locations, the owner of the property has a responsibility to provide for the security of the people that live and operate their duties on the premises. Therefore, crime that occurs in these spaces may result in the property owner being held accountable. Here are a few more examples:

  • A child at another individual's home without adequate supervision
  • A parking lot without security lights or cameras
  • A mall or store without a security personnel presence
  • A college campus without a sufficient campus police force
  • An apartment without adequate locks or alarms

In many cases of negligent security, it is easier to locate the owner of the property than the person who committed the crime, and most commercial property owners have insurance to protect against such liabilities should an incident occur on their property.

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