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Mesa Paralysis Injury Lawyers

Mesa Paralysis Injury LawyersIf you or a loved one has sustained severe physical trauma that resulted in spinal fractures, paralysis or neurological injuries, it is imperative that you retain the services of a Mesa, Arizona paralysis injury lawyer. Whether a car, truck or motorcycle accident is to blame, or perhaps something or someone else was the reason for your pain, your injuries may be long-lasting and result in devastating physical and emotional demands.

According to The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, approximately one in fifty people living in the U.S. suffers from some sort of paralysis; that roughly equates to more than 6 million individuals. Furthermore, the NSCISC (National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center) states that more than 12,000 new spinal cord injuries are reported annually. With these statistics, it’s no wonder that paralysis lawsuits are rather common in Phoenix and Mesa.

If the spinal cord is damaged in the upper back area, it can result in paralysis of the neck downward (known as tetraplegia or quadriplegia). On the other hand, if the spinal cord is damaged at the base of the back, it can result in paralysis from the waist downward (paraplegia). Over time, a victim may struggle to pay for expensive ongoing medical care to recuperate. They may also consider filing a lawsuit for paralysis compensation.

At Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC, our skilled legal team will aggressively fight for you if you are suffering long-term loss of mobility or function. In addition to offering families in Mesa advice with paralysis injury lawsuits, our lawyers have also helped people that have sustained injuries and had to endure the catastrophic consequences of numerous types of unfortunate accidents. Reach out to our law firm for assistance in filing the following lawsuits:

  • Car, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, boat, and truck accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Speeding and tailgating accidents
  • Swimming pool-related accidents
  • Cell phone-related accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Accidents resulting in severe burns, as well as brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Criminal/DUI cases
  • Nursing and elder home abuse cases
  • Medical malpractice and wrongful death cases
  • And more

Mesa Paralysis Injury LawyersDealing with a severe paralysis injury can be tremendously overwhelming, especially when it comes to hospital bills and nursing home care. If you have suffered from injuries due to an accident in which another person is responsible, our Mesa paralysis injury lawyers and personal injury attorneys will help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Serious car accident injuries are no laughing matter and our dependable team can help and support you.

If you need representation in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Gilbert, and Mesa, trustworthy paralysis attorneys, car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers should have the knowledge and expertise needed to fight your case in court. We are dedicated to serving those in the community who require legal representation because they have been wronged due to another person’s negligence. Our law firm has been serving the East Valley for over fifty years in the field of auto accidents.

When you choose Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC, you will see how committed we are to building a compelling case that highlights what you have lost as well, as the new challenges you face, from your injury. Please contact us online or call 800-501-2782 for a free consultation.