How To Avoid Slipping and Falling

slip and fallHere comes the busiest shopping season of the year, and with it comes all the potential grounds for slips, trips and falls. We work with victims who have suffered injuries from trips and falls in retail establishments, an accident that is pursuable under Arizona premises liability law.

Take some time to review the following slip and fall hazards, and make a plan to be more cautious while you are holiday shopping this year.

Where Slip and Falls Can Occur

Wet Floor – Always be vigilant on vinyl or hard surface floors after rainy conditions. People track in the outdoor rain on the soles of their shoes, leaving residue on floors at retail entrances. The potential for a slip and fall incident is greater near the entrance of any store because of this. Watch out for leaks from bottles near strollers or in aisles with liquids.

Some retail stores continuously clean their surfaces even when shoppers are present or just before opening, so the floors might be wet. Customers are not the only victims for slips and falls in retail establishments. Employees must be equally as alert for wet tile surfaces, especially when quickly working.

Escalator Stairs Marked - - ShutterstockStairs / Escalators – If possible, only use stairs or escalators that have step guards or paint indicating the edge to help you avoid tripping up the stairs. Do not look forward. Always watch where your feet are landing when using any stair case. It’s also recommended that you use hand rails for support.

Poor Lighting – A premises liability claim is often pursued when floor trip hazards are not visible due to poor lighting. It is the location property manager’s responsibility to maintain all lights to highlight variances in floor levels and other = trip hazards. When a property is not properly maintained, it is a substantial business liability.

Bulky Store Aisle - - ShutterstockAisle Fixtures – These types of fixtures often highlight must-buys during the holiday season, as well as any highly-sought after deals. The trip and fall hazard occurs when the items or the fixture itself is bulky and does not properly allow carts to pass by safely without catching.

Carpet Slags – Carpet and tiles see heavy foot traffic that causes scuffs, slags and frayed edges near flooring changes or heavy fixtures. All of these are potential trip hazards; it’s all too easy for your foot to catch on the carpet lip and to propel forward, falling into another person, a fixture or worse—the floor itself.

Be cautious this holiday season whether you are a worker or a shopper in a retail establishment. If you see any slip and fall hazards, be proactive and point it out to the manager so it can be quickly addressed.

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