Getting Back on the Motorcycle after a Crash

After you are involved in a motorcycle accident, no matter how minor, it can be difficult to get back into the habit of riding again. If you have been in an accident where you were seriously injured, it can be even more difficult to even look at a bike again, much less ride one. However, getting back on your bike can help ease some of the mental anguish and loss of confidence that an accident can cause. Here are some tips from the personal injury attorneys at Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience PLC that can help you ride again.

Replace your Gear (if necessary)

If your helmet was in any way affected by the crash, it is imperative that you replace it before riding again. Motorcycle helmets are only built to withstand one impact and their structural integrity will crumple in another accident. Your other pieces of gear, such as your boots and jacket, may be salvageable, but you will need to consider whether they will still function to protect you in case of a further mishap. If not, then it is worth spending the money to replace them.

Repair your Bike

Even a mild drop can cause damage to a bike. If the bike has an unseen issue, such as tweaked forks or a bent chassis, it can be an accident waiting to happen. Even though your bike may never be restored to pre-accident conditions, it is still important to have a mechanic check it out before riding again. For riders who have been injured in a crash, you may want to purchase a cheap and light motorcycle to take the place of your full-size bike until you can comfortably and confidently ride it again.

Ride for the First Time Again

Plan your first ride in ideal conditions within a secluded area. Avoid riding in conditions similar to those when you crashed, and plan on taking this first short ride alone so that you can have some privacy. Take it easy and focus on enjoying the ride, no matter how anxious you feel. Try not to push yourself too much and keep the ride short and sweet.


If you sustained injuries in your accident, it may take quite some time before you are physically capable of riding again. It is normal for riders to lose some of their skill after being out of the saddle for so long, so don’t worry if your riding skills are not up to par yet. Spend some time practicing and you will be as good as before within months. It is also recommended that you enroll in some safety courses as a way of refreshing yourself on the rules of the road.

Ride More

While at first you will want to avoid riding in similar conditions to those present during your accident, at some point you will have to face your fears. Work up to riding past your crash site and in all kinds of weather is, understandably, going to take time, but once you conquer the fear of crashing, you will return to your full riding abilities.

Of course, if you were injured in a motorcycle accident involving another person, it is important that you seek compensation for your injuries and for the damage done to your ride. An experienced motorcycle attorney can help get you the compensation you deserve and help you get back on the road as fast as possible. For a free consultation with a personal injury attorney, please contact SGP Law at 480-833-7146 today!