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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate food poisoning affects 48 million people every year, with 128,000 cases requiring hospitalization and 3,000 fatal cases occurring. Food poisoning occurs when a chef, restauranteur or manufacturer does not take the appropriate steps to make sure the food they provide meets necessary quality and safety standards. Food poisoning can be severe enough to require time off from work and, in extreme cases, hospitalization may be required.

Food Poisoning Injury Case

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

Food poisoning is an illness caused by consuming food contaminated by viruses, bacteria or parasites, or food that has not been handled properly. Common symptoms include: fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, general weakness, abdominal pain, and cold sweats. In very severe cases, victims may want to seek compensation to cover pain and suffering, medical bills and loss of income. However, lawsuits against restaurants, grocery stores and food manufacturers are not easily won.

Taking Legal Action

Proving a food poisoning case can be incredibly complex. While doctors are able to identify which bacteria, virus or parasite invaded the body, there is no easy way to determine the source of the food poisoning. That is why you need an experienced food poisoning attorney on your side to help prove your claim. Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience PLC conduct a thorough investigation to pinpoint when and where the food poisoning occurred and to identify liable parties. Hire the best food poisoning lawyers in Mesa to represent you during your food poisoning litigation.