Safety Tips for Driving Past an Accident Scene

shutterstock_53294923During your daily commute throughout the week, the likelihood of driving past an accident scene in a metropolitan city as large as Mesa is quite high. Here are some safety tips to help protect you and your passengers from also being in an accident during the chaos of bypassing the initial one.

1. Pay Attention to Any Signs of Slowing Ahead
Be a defensive driver and scan the road for any potential threats of quick slowing or swerving. As a defensive driver, if there are signs of slowing ahead, let up on the gas pedal and hover over the brake to start slowing your vehicle down as you get closer to the congested sea of brake lights.

shutterstock_524551632. Plan Ahead for Any Potential Detours
For example, in some reported accidents on highways, illuminated signs will warn drivers before they approach the scene. If the warnings are a couple of miles away from the accident’s scene, some drivers will react to exit the highway ahead of time.

Don’t panic and cause other potential accidents. Some drivers overreact and swerve two or three lanes over to the off ramp in a hurry to avoid the congestion ahead. Others wait until it is the last exit and try to squeeze in at the front of the line instead of cautiously and carefully merging ahead of time.

3. Don’t Stare
Once near or at the accident scene, keep your eyes focused ahead. Rubbernecking (when drivers stare at the accident scene instead of looking ahead in the direction they are driving), is a major cause of sudden slowing. Paying too much attention to the accident scene is a threat to you and your passengers because you may miss the signs of braking ahead of you or any road debris from the accident that causes you to swerve.

4. Report if Necessary
Some accidents may not have been reported yet. If you do not see any emergency officials at the scene of an accident and wish to call in the accident, pull over safely to use your mobile device to do so. Do not try to use your phone while still driving around the accident because that will be a driving distraction and can cause an accident itself.

If you do call in the accident, provide detailed instructions and follow the operator’s instructions. Information emergency operators need include:

  • Mile marker location, intersection, nearby street signs or buildings
  • Direction of traffic
  • How many vehicles are involved
  • How many people are visibly injured

Auto accidents are unfortunate situations that affect many drivers, but defensive driving is the first key in preventing future accidents near the accident’s scene. If you or a loved one were directly affected by an auto accident, be sure to at least get a consultation with an experienced car accident attorney to ensure insurance claims and medical bills do not get out of hand.

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