Closeup of roundabout intersection sign near mesa azCar accidents in the United States are unfortunately very common. In fact, it is estimated that 10 million accidents from bumper taps to fatal accidents occur in the United States every year! Some of the most common and deadly places for accidents are at intersections.

Intersections are busy arterial road sections or junctions where two or more roads meet and cross. In Arizona, intersections are major cross sections of our grid system facilitating traffic often along long, straight paths. Intersections near Mesa, Phoenix (1-17) are more likely to experience fatal accidents at intersections.

This article investigates which intersections are the most deadly, why they are considered to be dangerous and how accidents can be avoided with employing caution and care while commuting on densely occupied roads.

1-17 and Happy Valley Road – The I-17 is one of the deadliest roadways in the state of Arizona, including the roundabout intersection at Happy Valley Road. While its roundabouts make it unique, The Happy Valley Road intersection is just as prone as the rest of the I-17. This raises an important question: are roundabouts safer options in Arizona?

To further improve the safety of roundabouts, ADOT has proposed a diverging diamond interchange to replace the existing roundabouts at the I-17 and Happy Valley Road interchange to facilitate left-hand turns onto the freeway without the use of a signal.  The state has also proposed for a diverging diamond interchange for the South Mountain Freeway in 2019.

Scottsdale roundabout – In Scottsdale, roundabouts are becoming increasingly popular to control right-of-way traffic reducing collisions in the city. When used correctly these are effective solutions; however, drivers unfamiliar with the roundabout system often find themselves in danger of collisions.

So, are roundabouts safer options? The answer is for the most part, yes.

Roundabouts are constructed as a means to control right of way vehicle traffic to replace traffic signals. In the United States, there are differing opinions about roundabouts and their effectiveness. On one hand, according to the City of Scottsdale, statistics show roundabouts reduce collisions in busy intersections in Arizona by 30-20 percent. Injuries are reduced by approximately 60-70 percent in comparison to some of the deadly intersections guided by traffic signals. On the other side of the argument, not all drivers are familiar with procedures and expectations that lead to accidents when using roundabouts.

In order to safely maneuver through a roundabout, four major aspects must be employed, including:

  1. Reducing speed when approaching the roundabout,
  2. Yielding to vehicles in the roundabout as they approach,
  3. Continuing through until your exit is present,
  4. Never stopping in the middle of a roundabout.

Yield sign near Mesa-area intersectionsNear the Phoenix Capital – Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and is home to some of the most densely populated areas in America. Accidents at busy intersections are a result of having large volumes of people and vehicles on the road. Some of the most deadly intersections are in the heart of Phoenix from one-way streets downtown to suicide lanes in central Phoenix. 24th street and Camelback, 67th Avenue and Indian School Road, 75th Avenue and Indian School Road and 59th Avenue and Thomas Road are some of the most dangerous intersections

University of Phoenix Campus (Tempe) – Engineers in Phoenix and the surrounding East Valley area are hard at work to improve roadways that have become dangerous intersections for pedestrians and driver. The University of Phoenix Campus in Tempe is an area in consideration because of the high amount of yearly accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. The campus has bikers, walkers, joggers, and drivers, which adds to the need for extra precautionary measures such as those currently being considered by the state of Arizona. The city of Tempe estimates over 275,000 people driving through the city, many of whom are easily distracted college students.

Brown Road and L-202 – The Loop 202 is a vital arterial highway connecting Phoenix to surrounding metropolitan cities such as Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. As important as the partial beltway is, serious accidents occur here, especially at Brown Road. This intersection has come under attention for being one of the most dangerous intersections in the city of Mesa. The busy nature of the area and distracted drivers add to the danger, according to ADOT.

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