What to Do if Bitten by A Dog

Most people probably wouldn’t consider themselves to be at risk of becoming the victim of a dog bite. Yet, from 2008 to 2012 alone, injuries from dog attacks hospitalized over 34,000 Arizonans. When a dog attacks someone, the consequences quickly flood every area of the victim’s life. Injury, emotional trauma and costly medical bills are just a few of the consequences victims will face after suffering an attack. In extreme cases, the attack could cause severe disability or even death.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

A new study reveals half of all children under the age of 12 have been bitten by a dog; most of the bites came from a dog with whom the child was acquainted, such as a family pet or friend’s dog. While the vast majority of dog bites are provoked and non-fatal, it is estimated 79 percent of all dog bites occur on children. Interestingly, the study could not find a correlation between breed and bite incidents, noting that even … Read More

Safety Tips for Dog Walking

Dog owners know the moment of anticipation and excitement once their beloved pet sees their harness and leash in their master’s hands. Walking the dog allows pets to exercise and bond with their owners. For many, it is a relaxing stroll through the neighborhood. For others, it is a constant struggle to make sure their dog does not show aggression or get overly excited upon seeing another dog. Open wounds and other serious injuries are common following a dog fight. … Read More

How to Safely Enter a Dog Park

Arizona dog parks are one of the great dividing issues amongst dog lovers. Some of us enjoy the chance to let our dogs off leash to play with other dogs and socialize, while others are wary of parks for numerous reasons. Regardless of how we feel about dog parks, in any public place with other people and animals, there are bound to be risks, such as dog fights and injuries to both people and canines.

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