Boat Accident Prevention and Safety Tips

As the weather heats up, many Arizonans flock to the state’s lakes for some boating fun. Whether you just float on your boat for relaxation or go wild with your jet ski, remember to stay safe on the water. While Arizona boat accidents occur less often than car accidents, for example, they do still happen, partly due to a lack of caution on the part of the driver. In fact, the leading cause for the 4,500 boating accidents reported to … Read More

Arizona Boating Laws- Keeping Arizona’s Waterways Safe

Mesa’s almost year-round warm and sunny weather allows for plenty of great days for breaking out the boat and heading for one of the local lakes. But as much fun as boats can be on a beautiful day, they can also cause serious injuries if handled improperly. Every year in the U.S., thousands of people are injured and hundreds die in boating accidents because of speeding, operating a boat under the influence of drugs and alcohol or inexperienced operators. Just … Read More