Hidden Water Dangers for Children

Most parents and caregivers are aware of the dangers that a pool can bring. However, there are some hidden water dangers that can lurk in a home. Child drownings and child injuries can be prevented by being watchful and aware. It only takes a few seconds for a child to drown and in only a few inches of water. More than 50 percent of young children who drown do so in swimming pools, however, the rest simply come across small … Read More

How to Prevent 5 Common Child Injuries (Part Two)

Preventing Injuries in Children and Infants Choking. Drowning. Car Accidents. Respiratory Distress. Traumatic Brain Injuries. These are the top five child injuries often seen among infants and toddlers in emergency rooms annually. The child injury lawyers of Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience, PLC want to help you prevent these types of injuries from happening to your child. Get your car seat inspected every six months to ensure it is properly installed. #carseatsafety Click To Tweet If you would like to learn … Read More

How to Prevent 5 Common Child Injuries

No one wants to see their child suffer from an accidental injury. While some circumstances that lead to a childhood or infant injury are unavoidable, some can be prevented. Many of these preventable accidents occur before a child has even entered preschool. Some of the most common injuries for children under five years old include: