Understanding Risk of ATV Accidents in Arizona

Arizona is home to many off-road trails that beckon All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riders for hours of weekend fun.  However, while we don’t hear about them as frequently as motorcycle accidents, ATV accidents are still a somewhat common occurrence. In fact, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reported 141 off-road ATV collisions in 2014, with 78 percent resulting in injuries. Do You Need a Lawyer for ATV Injuries? Victims of any motorsport injury should always contact ATV collision lawyer in their community. … Read More

What Are Blind Spots?

Every vehicle has a blind spot. This is true for a compact car, work truck, semi-truck, motorcycle, and even a bicycle. These tricky areas are outside of your peripheral vision, making it impossible to detect potential threats in your surrounding areas and difficult to make safe lane changes. Blind spots are one of the biggest driving hazards we have today. Join us as we discuss the many scenarios of blind spot near-accidents. We will also discuss how to help prevent … Read More

The Ultimate Motorcycle Safety Guide | Upgrade Your Ride

There’s nothing like the feeling of the wind in your hair and rumble of the engine as you cruise on your motorcycle on a breezy afternoon. However, some riders love the feeling so much that they forgo wearing proper gear. While it can be a hassle to take the time to get dressed for the road, it’s well worth it. Motorcycle gear helps protect the skin from road rash, flying bugs and severe injuries from motorcycle-involved accidents. Riding is inherently … Read More

Arizona Motorcycle Laws You Need To Be Aware Of

Many Mesa residents do not realize that our law firm handles motorcycle accidents. Because motorcycles operate on two or three wheels without seatbelts, enclosure and airbags, the inherent risks to a biker are much more numerous than those that threaten automobile operators. Because a motorcyclist is more likely to be injured severely and total their vehicle in an accident than a car driver is, it is important for bikers to do everything they can to receive proper compensation for vehicle … Read More

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