Types of Physical Injuries in Arizona Car Accidents

Car Accident Sounds - sgplaw.com - ShutterstockIt’s a sound nobody wants to hear when driving – the dull thud of steel, plastic and fiberglass as another vehicle collides with yours. While you may feel uninjured as you survey the damage and check on your passengers, your body may be in shock and not yet processing the pain of any injuries. Your body goes through a lot of stress when involved in a car accident, and some of that stress manifests into injuries that can significantly impact your quality of life following the collision. Physical, emotional and mental traumatic stress can often delay common injuries sustained in car accidents.

Even if you were not apparently or seriously injured in the impact, you should receive some medical attention. As you recover from the accident, it is common to see bruising and experience muscle aches, especially up and down your spinal column. If not treated right away, you could have permanent spinal misalignment or muscle spasms.

Accident Medical Stability Help - sgplaw.com - ShutterstockCranial impact on the seat, vehicle side wall, airbag, or even the roof of the vehicle can be a silent killer. Head injuries are very serious, and many accident victims do not realize that they have a concussion when there is no visible injury. Medical responders often rush injured car accident victims to a medical facility for a CT scan to rule out a subdural hematoma, a condition where a tear in the outer layer of the brain tissue can lead to blood accumulation and potential brain compression.

Supervision of the injured is important because concussions can be present even when there is no visible head injury. If you are hospitalized following an accident, a nurse or attendant will wake you every couple of hours for the first day or two to ensure you do not completely lose consciousness. Once you are released, medical professionals will inform your caretaker of warning signs to be conscientious of while caring for you, which include:

  • Persistent or increasing headaches
  • Muscle weakness or coordination decline
  • Sensory differences such as numbness or slurred speech
  • Agitation or over emotional (crying)

There are more great tips about how concussions affect both children and adults at Brainline.

Nevertheless, car accidents are expensive. Between auto body repair, insurance premiums and medical bills, they can set back victims financially for months or even years! If you were involved an auto collision, protect your rights and injuries by getting an experienced car accident attorney involved. Well-versed auto collision lawyers help sort out point of fault and other discrepancies to improve your case in pursuing injury claims for financial recovery.


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