Arizona Motorcycle Laws You Need To Be Aware Of

Many Mesa residents do not realize that our law firm handles motorcycle accidents. Because motorcycles operate on two or three wheels without seatbelts, enclosure and airbags, the inherent risks to a biker are much more numerous than those that threaten automobile operators. Because a motorcyclist is more likely to be injured severely and total their vehicle in an accident than a car driver is, it is important for bikers to do everything they can to receive proper compensation for vehicle … Read More

What to Do If You See a Wrong-Way Driver

Lately, there has been a lot of media coverage regarding wrong-way drivers in Arizona, with many people questioning how these drivers continue to travel the wrong way without realizing it. Unfortunately, the majority of wrong-way auto accidents typically involve impaired drivers, which puts others on the roadway at risk of serious injuries or fatalities. Wrong-way driving is when a driver is driving towards oncoming traffic in the flow of traffic’s lanes. How does this happen? Two writers from The Republic, … Read More

Getting Back on the Motorcycle after a Crash

After you are involved in a motorcycle accident, no matter how minor, it can be difficult to get back into the habit of riding again. If you have been in an accident where you were seriously injured, it can be even more difficult to even look at a bike again, much less ride one. However, getting back on your bike can help ease some of the mental anguish and loss of confidence that an accident can cause. Here are some … Read More

Which Fireworks Are Legal in Arizona?

Fireworks used to be a very confusing issue in the state of Arizona. In 2010, the legislature ended a ban on the sale and use of fireworks. However, lawmakers opted to allow cities and counties to make their own rules regarding consumer use of fireworks, but not their sale. This resulted in the sale of fireworks in areas where it was illegal to actually set them off.

How to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Awareness is the key to ending pedestrian accidents. When it comes to these types of accidents, pedestrians always lose simply because of the size and weight of the vehicle. While there is little that a pedestrian can do to prevent a driver from driving distractedly or negligently, there are certain steps that they can take to increase their own levels of safety. Here are some helpful tips from SGP Law for drivers and pedestrians alike to prevent pedestrian accidents in … Read More

The Most Common Amusement Park Injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that thousands of people are injured on amusement park rides every year. In 2006, a combined 15,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to amusement park rides, inflatable amusement park rides and water slides. Half of these were children. Victims of amusement park accidents can bring a negligence claim against the park and its employees, or a product liability claim against the manufacturer of a defective ride – or both. SGP … Read More

Look Out For Motorcyclists (How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents)

It seems like every time we turn on the local news there is another tragic story of a horrific motorcycle crash that leaves a rider severely injured or worse. This is not something unique to Arizona. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 38,000 motorcyclists have been killed and over 1,222,000 riders were injured in motorcycle accidents between 2001 and 2008 (the most recent research available). The National Highway Safety Administration states that nearly half of … Read More

Auto Accidents Involving Seizures

When you think of the causes behind an auto accident, what do you think of? The most common causes that may come to mind are what we see or hear about on the news, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, driving while tired or driving while texting or talking on a mobile device. What about auto accidents that are caused by something the driver has no control of, like a medical condition that could … Read More

Arizona Dog Laws You Should Be Aware Of

While other states are more lenient when it comes to dog bites, utilizing the “one free bite” rule, Arizona has a standard known as strict liability. This means that whenever a dog bites someone or another owner’s dog, the owner of the attacking dog is held liable for any injury that dog may cause. The owner is held responsible for the attack regardless of whether or not the owner was negligent. Arizona Revised Statutes section 11-1025 (A) states that the … Read More

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