How Long to Use a Rear-Facing Car Seat in Arizona

Becoming a parent is a new experience filled with sheer joy, milestones, and, at times, confusion, doubt, and challenges. One area that you should pay extra attention to as a mom or dad is car seat safety. Safety is something that you should never compromise on. Educate yourself about the various car seat laws and booster seat requirements required in Arizona. It’s also important to research how long you should keep your baby or toddler’s car seat in the rear-facing … Read More

Top 4 Causes for Pedestrian & Bicyclist Accidents

Highway traffic deaths have declined in recent years, due in part to road and highway engineers as well as drivers practicing safe habits. Despite the decline, there has been a spike in non-vehicular deaths specifically with pedestrians and cyclists. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported an increase in non-vehicular accidents by 13 percent in 2003 to an upward spike of 17 percent in 2012. What causes pedestrian accidents and injuries and what kind of precautions can cyclists, pedestrians, … Read More

The 3 Most Confusing (and Deadly) Intersections Near Mesa, AZ

Car accidents in the United States are unfortunately very common. In fact, it is estimated that 10 million accidents from bumper taps to fatal accidents occur in the United States every year! Some of the most common and deadly places for accidents are at intersections. Intersections are busy arterial road sections or junctions where two or more roads meet and cross. In Arizona, intersections are major cross sections of our grid system facilitating traffic often along long, straight paths. Intersections … Read More

Ultimate Rider’s Guide to the Mesa Light Rail System

The Mesa light rail system is a 20-mile in-street public transportation option for riders in the Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe area. Riders are able to enjoy transportation to and from sports events, entertainment, art culture, school, and work for a fraction of the cost of driving a personal vehicle. With any transportation system, precautionary measures must be taken. We have compiled this article full of tips and advice to make your light rail trip safe and effective.

Document Your Car Accident with 5 Handy Phone Apps

Car accidents can happen in a flash; one second you are driving to work and the next you are pulled over on the side of the road with a couple broken taillights, a bent bumper and maybe a few bumps and bruises. When someone is not paying attention, car accidents happen quickly. Our short-term memory isn’t always reliable to store the information we need to document a Mesa car accident. Thankfully, there are apps for that! The digital world has … Read More

5 Cell Phone Dangers & Common Defects You Need to Know

Cell phones are not exempt from product liability. See what you need to know to avoid defective mobile devices and the types of injuries these can cause. Attention all Samsung cell phone users! If you own the Note 7 model, you need to opt into the phone replacement program due to a fire risk from a battery flaw. You will need to go through the retailer from which you bought your phone and every experience is going to be different, … Read More

Arizona Bicycle Laws (Helmet Requirements and Other Protective Gear)

With sunny skies and clear, though warm, weather, Mesa is home to a lot of full-time bicyclists. Whether they’re for riding for fun or commuting to work or school, bicycles remain a popular mode of transportation throughout the metro area. And while many riders take the precaution of wearing helmets and other safety equipment, there are even more that do not. However, bicycle accidents can lead to some pretty serious injuries and even fatalities. This is why it is so important … Read More

What You Can Learn from a Near-Miss Car Accident in Mesa, AZ

You are on your way home from work, and traffic just couldn’t be any worse. You flip through the radio stations to help make the drive home a little more enjoyable, and when you look up, you have to slam on the brakes because you missed the cues of slowing ahead. You mutter, “Thank goodness” when you realize that you actually didn’t hit the car ahead of you or cause someone behind you to rear end your vehicle. The scenario … Read More

Rear-Ended In A Car Accident? Here’s What You Need To Do

If you guessed the most common types of car accident in Arizona based on your travels throughout Phoenix and Mesa were rear-endings, you would be right. According to 2014 car accident statistics released by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), rear-end car accidents are the most common and caused the most injuries of all accidents. Out of the 41,000 rear-end accidents in 2014, 13,000 people reported injuries. While 2015’s data has not yet been released, our Phoenix car accident attorneys … Read More

How to Prevent 5 Common Child Injuries

No one wants to see their child suffer from an accidental injury. While some circumstances that lead to a childhood or infant injury are unavoidable, some can be prevented. Many of these preventable accidents occur before a child has even entered preschool. Some of the most common injuries for children under five years old include:

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