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Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips from SGP Law

Riding a motorcycle is a liberating and enjoyable experience for many residents of Phoenix, AZ. However, motorcycle injury attorneys in Mesa see a significant number of injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents. To avoid being involved in such an accident, follow these tips.

Wear Safety Clothing

Motorcycle safety clothing can vastly reduce the likelihood of being injured in an accident. Every part of the body should be covered with protective gear, such as motorcycle leathers. It’s also important to wear a helmet to protect against head injuries, which can be fatal or cause serious brain damage.

Use Clear Signals

Hand signals let drivers know what motorcyclists intend to do on the road, as well as allowing communication between motorcyclists traveling in a group. Communication between road users can help prevent collisions. To protect themselves, all riders should learn the hand signals for basic maneuvers such as turning, stopping and slowing down.

Follow Riding Etiquette

Motorcyclists should follow basic motorcycle etiquette, particularly when riding in a group. This includes staying behind the group leader, riding single file rather than side by side on busy roads, and sticking to speeds and distances that are appropriate for the least experienced rider in the group.

Consult a Mesa Motorcycle Lawyer

If you get into an accident despite following these safety tips, Mesa motorcycle injury attorneys can help you negotiate with an insurance company or bring a personal injury claim against another road user. Preventing a motorcycle accident is always the best strategy, but when this isn’t possible, a Mesa motorcycle lawyer can give injured riders the support they need.

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