The Effects of a Serious Car Accident

The Effects of a Serious Car Accident

Car Accident

Very often at SGP Law, we focus on how and why a car accident occurs, but we have not really focused enough on what types of obvious and not so obvious injuries you can sustain from a serious vehicle collision. SGP Law’s Mesa car accident lawyers have decades of personal injury law experience, and we have personally seen how accidents leave temporary and permanent scars on auto accident victims.

When a car accident occurs, the deafening sound and your sudden awareness of your surroundings can cause you to feel helpless and confused. Often when people have been involved in a car crash, they will experience physical, emotional, and even mental trauma.

Physical Car Accident Injuries

The area of most concern following an auto accident is the head, specifically the brain, the neck, and the spinal column. Brain swelling is a serious after-effect of head trauma, and even the slightest spinal cord injury can leave a victim paralyzed. Other areas that can sustain serious injuries are your face, your back, your limbs, and even your chest from airbag detonation. Depending on the force of impact, these injuries may be barely noticeable, if noticed at all, over time, but others can be permanent reminders of the accident that changed your life.

Collision Emotional Impact

Personal injury lawyers often invoke emotional responses when litigating a personal injury claim, but there is a whole other side to the emotional effects of a car accident that gets little recognition. Some car accident victims experience the fervent terror of the idea of driving following a serious vehicle collision, and if they do regain the nerve to drive, they will often fear the scene where the accident occurred, and avoid it as much as possible. Some may even have a fear of the motion they were making when the accident occurred, such as a left-hand turn or driving through an intersection while the light changes from green to yellow. Others may be deathly afraid of the type of vehicle that injured them, such as a commercial freight truck.

Impaired Mental Clarity

While rare, mental injuries can also be a side effect of serious auto accidents. Some drivers permanently lose their memory entirely, or even just lose memories of the details leading up to the incident. Regardless of the severity of mental damage, the aftermath of an accident is a troublesome time for car accident victims and their loved ones. This is why we will fight for your rights, your medical costs, and pursue a personal injury claim settlement for you!

Car accidents are not just auto body damage. They are an expensive and costly experience, both financially and personally.

The law experts of Skousen, Gulbrandsen, and Patience PLC will listen to you and help you navigate the personal injury claim process. We will keep you updated on your claim and thoroughly fight for your rights. If you or a loved one wants to pursue an injury claim, fill out our online form or give us a call today.

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