5 Cell Phone Dangers & Common Defects You Need to Know

5 Cell Phone Dangers & Common Defects You Need to Know

Cell phones are not exempt from product liability. See what you need to know to avoid defective mobile devices and the types of injuries these can cause.

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Attention all Samsung cell phone users! If you own the Note 7 model, you need to opt into the phone replacement program due to a fire risk from a battery flaw. You will need to go through the retailer from which you bought your phone and every experience is going to be different, but Samsung is issuing a $25 credit to those who decide to stay loyal to the brand and switch to the Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Most types of product recalls are related to children’s toys or vehicle parts. It’s almost unheard of to recall cell phones, so when people started getting injured by Note 7 batteries catching fire, it came as quite a surprise and Samsung quickly pulled the product from shelves to prevent future injuries. While this particular defect is quite alarming, there are many other, smaller hazards that can also accompany cell phones. Here are other types of cell phone dangers that you need to consider before upgrading or purchasing a new mobile device.

Wait Until After the Phone Release before Buying

To avoid becoming victim of product liability, it is best to be patient when any new piece of technology is released to the market. While products may test well during the manufacturing and pre-release studies, most product defects are found during daily use of phones or mobile devices. Wait a few weeks and read reviews or studies that discuss product capabilities, safety alerts and any other concerns. After this research, you will have a better idea of whether or not you want to buy the product after all.

Use Common Sense with Cell Phone Use While Charging

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Never use the phone while it is on the charger. The sole purpose of the phone being plugged in is to recharge the battery. There is a significant electrical current being delivered to your mobile device when it is plugged in, and it can cause some serious injuries in the event of a power surge or a circuit defect within the device or its charger. Manufacturing defects within the phone, tablet, or charger cord can cause electrical fires and serious burns.

Be Aware of Potential Dangers with Cell Phone Distractions in Public Areas

When you are out walking or in a public space, be sure to maintain constant awareness of your surroundings when using your mobile device. Having your head down while walking and using your phone puts you at extreme risk of slipping and falling, as well as other pedestrian-related accidents. Being distracted by your phone also makes you an easy target for muggers. If you plan to jog to music on open roads, try leaving one earbud out, so you can hear and be more conscious of your surroundings.

Reduce Distracted Driving with a Safe Cell Phone Plan while On the Road

Avoid any type of cell phone use while driving, even if you use voice-controlled prompts. Fumbling around to access your Bluetooth and struggling to make your phone actually listen to your voice commands takes your attention off the road. These actions alone make you a high-accident risk. If you need to call or text someone, be sure to do this before or after your trip. If you should need to use your phone during your journey, find a safe place to stop that is away from the flow of traffic before picking up your phone to text or call. Gas stations and parking lots are a great stopping point that provides you quick and safe access back into your driving trip.

Protect Your Brain while Sleeping

It is important to unplug your brain and invest in quality sleep to recharge yourself for the next day. Too many people are guilty of sleeping with their phones, which can cause insomnia or lack of deep sleep. Some researchers even believe there is a radiation risk with mobile devices, especially in prolonged use situations. Prevent nighttime sleep woes by putting your phone on a dresser or a nightstand that is far enough away that you need to physically get up to get to it. This is also a handy tip for those who are guilty of pressing snooze too many times. You may also want to enable your Do Not Disturb feature on your phone to silence spam email alerts and any other notifications that can wait until the morning.

If you have injuries relating to cell phone dangers in either an open recall or an unannounced safety alert, consult with a product liability lawyer to protect your rights. You deserve to have a legal voice and representation when participating in a high-profile case like a mass cell phone recall.

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