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In Mesa, bicycle accident lawyers are kept busy all year-round due to our glorious weather. Since the climate is so warm and welcoming, bicyclists and motorcyclists flock to our roads every single day, especially in suburban built-up areas. Given that most of the Valley of the Sun is filled with vehicles around the clock, bicycle and motorcycle accidents are a sad, yet typical, occurrence - especially if they result in life-altering injuries or a fatality. If you have been involved in a serious bike accident due to a careless car, truck or bus operator, professional legal representation from the reputable personal injury attorneys at Skousen, Gulbrandsen & Patience can lend a hand through the long, complicated legal process.

Bicycle Accidents in Phoenix

If you have ever sustained injuries due to a serious motorcycle or bike accident, you will know the symptoms associated with head, joint, and spinal cord injuries can take many months and perhaps even years to fully heal. It is because of these physical and psychological hardships that the Mesa bicycle accident lawyers at SGP Law look to represent riders who have been injured through no fault of their own. Medical bills can be exceedingly costly, particularly if you require frequent hospital visits and/or continual physical care, and our experienced attorneys will help you to discern whether you have a worthwhile claim to pursue.

Because bike riding is such a popular recreational activity in the Phoenix metropolitan area, as well as across the rest of Arizona State, many riders are unfortunately injured or killed in accidents every year. SGP Law offers full legal support if the crash, collision or traffic accident in which you have been involved has resulted in limited physical mobility or negatively impacted your career. Remember, safety is important and you should take the necessary steps to ride safely.

Our talented Mesa area bicycle accident and personal injury lawyers have helped residents living all over Mesa. If you are a bicyclist or motorcyclist who has been involved in an accident resulting in serious injuries, SGP Law can assist you today! Please contact us online or call for a free consultation, so we can fight for your rights and win you the compensation you deserve.