3 Ways Snowbirds Contribute to Mesa Traffic Accidents

Mesa is a hustling and bustling city, especially in the winter as many part-time residents return to enjoy the nice weather. This influx in population caused by snowbirds is great for the economy, but risky for the roads. With more people behind the wheel, the roads naturally become more dangerous. As a leading Mesa auto accident lawyer and law firm, SGP Law wants you to be prepared for the different driving conditions you might encounter in the winter. Increased Traffic - sgplaw.com - ShutterstockHere are three things to expect in Mesa traffic in the winter.

Slower Traffic Conditions

If you think you are seeing more vehicles with license plates from northern states, you’re not alone. Most part-time valley residents migrate south for Arizona’s exceptional winter weather. However, these drivers might not be used to Arizona’s freeways or city streets. This usually causes them to drive slower than the marked speed limit. Be prepared for slower traffic conditions. Leave early for appointments and leave extra space between the cars in front of you to avoid tailgating accidents.

More Vehicles = More Traffic Congestion

Your typical route to work or home may take slightly longer during the winter months; after all, school is still in session and the population is a lot bigger this time of year. Plan ahead for any trips that require you to be on-time as you will often find that even the usual wide and open routes are now full of traffic. Take your time and do not make irrational driving decisions that could result in a rear-end accident.

Traffic congestion is not just for the roadways. You will find that your local supermarket, department stores, DMV, and favorite restaurants are also crowded. Be more cautious in parking lots and while pumping gas to avoid accidents.

Increased Dependence on GPS

Using GPS Dashboard - sgplaw.com - ShutterstockWhile smart phones and GPS navigational users might seem more prevalent in younger generations, snowbirds are also guilty of being distracted drivers by using GPS while driving, especially when they are in states and cities they are unfamiliar with. Gone are the days when people safely pulled off to the side of the road to evaluate a paper map or ask gas station attendants for directions. Instead people connect to their wireless carrier network and use turn-by-turn directions that are not always accurate. Our car accident attorneys cannot stress enough the dangers of distracted driving, even when it is a driving aid to help you get to destinations. Check out our personal injury articles to learn more about the dangers of distracted driving.

If you have been involved in any type of auto collision, especially during the snowbird season, you need a personal injury lawyer to investigate the cause and get the compensation you deserve. Our auto accident lawyers are well-versed in both Arizona’s laws and other state’s law to help snowbirds and Valley residents pursue injury claims as a result of their collision. Our initial consultations are always free and help you take the next steps. Get started today by scheduling an appointment online or by phone.